Retractable LED Tripod Work Lights

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This flood light is matched with metal tripod. It has the characteristics of firmness and stability, which can keep the light still and won’t turn over when working, making it more convenient to work.

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Why are projectors and matching tripods ideal for lighting?
√ The benefits of using LED floodlights instead of traditional halogen lamps are not only brighter lighting, but also lower lighting bills. They also do not heat up your working environment when turned on for long periods of time, and do not require replacement of the bulbs.
√ It can be matched with single head or double head at will to realize the free switch of high lumen and provide you with more choices.
√ Easy to install, easy to carry, you just need to fix the lamp, adjust the Angle you like, can meet most of your lighting requirements.
√ Generous design, simple color match, the use of pollution-free and radiation-free high-quality materials, completely to meet your high taste.

Product Feature:

1.Lighting Choice:
You can choose a set of single or double headed LED work lights, which can be turned on or off individually through a separate on/off control behind each lamp holder, according to the actual lighting needs, to get the brightness you need.

Easy and quick installation, without any tools to adjust the work light, just manually rotate the lock knob or rotate the lock collar can be, you can retractable tripod, the tripod adjust to any height;In addition, the adjustable knob allows you to rotate the light 120 degrees vertically and 360 degrees left and right.When not in use, it can be easily folded, easy to carry and store.

3.Durability of all-metal bracket:
The professional die-cast aluminum housing design helps to keep cool after long-term operation and ensures the safety of the working environment.Toughened glass lenses, sealed switch, heavy duty all-metal bracket, rugged, stable, non-shaking, giving it good weather resistance, and can prevent dust, water entry and accumulation.Stable and firm even in harsh conditions.

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