Rechargeable work light

  • Work  Light  with battery  pack

    Work Light with battery pack

    The rechargeable working lamp is powered by a battery pack..This light can be either DC or AC, and can be matched with a variety of supports, as far as possible to make the use of the working lamp diversified.The light produces 2000 lumen at the highest setting. Very bright, providing excellent visibility even in very dark environments.In addition, the light holder is adjustable and can be rotated up and down 360°to rotate the light to the most desired lighting position.

  • Ultrathin Rechargeable LED Work Light

    Ultrathin Rechargeable LED Work Light

    The portable LED rechargeable flood light runs for 3-6 hours after full charge and can adjust the brightness of the light according to actual needs. Because of the built-in battery, it reduces the dependence on the power cord and makes the application range wider.In addition, the working light has a bracket, which is convenient for moving and placing, and the light body is ultra-thin, with a strong sense of design.