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  • Summer Welfare

    Summer Welfare

    In this scorching summer, our Hengjian Optoelectronics Union also showed great affection for the employees and sent them cool popsicles. Let’s take a look at the report from the front line. Our labor union’s cool activities started on July 1, and every day at 14:00 when the hottest time, we...
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  • Double Ninth Festival to send warmth

    Double Ninth Festival to send warmth

    Year after year, in this special year, as always, we came to the nursing home in East Butou, Zhangqi Town. This is the fifth year we came to the nursing home. In these 5 years, we have never forgotten our original intention,bringing a little warmth to the grandparents in...
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  • Birthday benefits

    Birthday benefits

    In the warm spring season, we ushered in the once-a-year birthday benefit. With the careful preparation of Hengjian Company, every employee received an exquisite birthday gift. First of all, we wrote blessings for the birthday stars on the exquisite greeting cards. We be...
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