Saving energy, floodlight lighting has become the focus of society

With the gradual maturity of the LED lighting industry, more and more companies have begun to move quickly towards LED lighting and on-demand lighting. Among them, due to the long-term favorable impact of the national smart city construction, a number of high-quality enterprises represented by outdoor floodlight lighting have also risen rapidly. Usher in a new round of growth. As a major energy country, China’s energy consumption is also huge. Although the electric power industry develops rapidly, the shortage of electric power is still a very serious problem facing our country. On the one hand, in order to ensure power supply, it is forced to implement mandatory power cut-off measures in local areas or at specific times. Today, when vigorously advocating an energy-saving society, the energy-saving design of lighting has become the focus of the society.

Since 2000, the United States has invested 500 million US dollars to implement the “National Functional Lighting Plan”. By 2010, more than 55% of incandescent and fluorescent lamps have been replaced by semiconductor lamps, and electricity saving alone can save 35 billion US dollars every year. The European Union also stipulates that from September 1, 2009, all supermarkets are not allowed to sell incandescent and fluorescent lamps, but only energy-saving lamps. It can be seen that the world attaches great importance to lighting energy saving. China also immediately launched the “Green Lighting Project Promotion Project”, which aims to introduce a more energy-saving, more stable and more environmentally friendly lighting system. Therefore, LED floodlight lighting came into being.

  The LED lighting system consists of lighting devices and electrical parts. Lighting device refers to a lamp, a device that transmits light, distributes and changes the distribution of light sources, and can be divided into wall lamps, ceiling lamps, recessed lamps, chandeliers, night lamps, mobile lamps, emergency lamps, etc. Light, protect the light source, ensure safety, and beautify the environment. The electrical part includes floodlight lighting intelligent control part, lighting circuit and lighting switchboard, etc. With the in-depth development of microelectronics technology and network communication technology, lighting control technology is facing revolutionary changes: electronic, electronic components replace traditional mechanical switches; networked, network communication technology has become a technology platform for LED lighting systems; integrated The system integration technology platform makes lighting, placement, and Internet access an overall solution.

  Traditional lighting is divided on demand and is more mechanized. The manual switch is mainly used, and it can only be turned on and off all the way, and the fluorescent lamp of the traditional ballast has flickered at a frequency of 100Hz. The dimming of lights produces different effects in different occasions, which is a more humanized design, and this dimmable ballast works at a high frequency, which overcomes stroboscopic and provides people with a comfortable working life. environment. Moreover, the LED lighting control system uses automatic lighting control through the network. Only a computer or mobile phone can realize reasonable energy management automation, greatly reducing the invalid lighting time, not only reducing energy consumption, saving electricity costs, but also reducing Labor maintenance costs. In addition, the LED lighting control system can avoid or reduce the impact of grid voltage and surge voltage on lamps by artificially setting voltage limits, thereby protecting lamps and prolonging the service life of lamps.

  LED lighting has now been included in the national plan. LED lighting control system has played an important role in saving energy consumption, improving property management level, creating modern humanized lifestyle and optimizing working environment. Therefore, LED lighting will have broader prospects. .


Post time: Apr-22-2022