• City LED flood lighting development

    With the maturity of LED lighting technology and the improvement of supporting drive solutions, more and more customers have begun to use LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, and LED lighting has also been widely used in more occasions. As an important urban infrastructure, lighting occu...
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  • The LED lighting market is growing rapidly with a global penetration rate of 36.7%

    LED lighting products make use of light-emitting diode as light source to manufacture lighting appliances, with high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, easy maintenance and other significant characteristics, is an effective way to achieve energy conservation and emission reducti...
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  • Advantages of LED Flood Light

    1, irradiation Angle adjustment, LED flood light is actually a spotlight, so its irradiation Angle can be adjusted, so its use is more flexible, and the general projection lamp will have an Angle adjustment scale plate, so that it can be adjusted more accurately according to the mark of the scale...
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  • What are LED FloodLights

    What is a floodlight?  Floodlight is a lighting appliance widely used in the lighting industry at present. Floodlight not only has the lighting function of traditional lighting appliance, but also its unique structure has become a popular decorative function. The prosperity of floodlight market n...
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  • The reasons why LED floodlights are popular in the market

    LED technology is a popular application technology in the lighting market in recent years. Because of its intelligent lighting changes, its role in urban and rural lighting projects cannot be underestimated. Among them, LED floodlights are popular in the market because of the combination of LED t...
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  • Features of LED high bay lights

    Features of LED high bay lights

    With the development of industry, various products need to be produced and processed. Lighting is inseparable from the factory floor. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the production and inspection work of the workers, a good lighting fixture is needed in the workshop to meet the work nee...
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  • Key design technology of LED high bay light

    Key design technology of LED high bay light

    New technologies, new materials, and new technologies have been continuously applied in the design of high-power LED light sources, laying a solid foundation for the design of high-power LED lamps. In LED lamps, the more important components are the driving and heat dissipation. 1. Drive The powe...
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  • Summer Welfare

    Summer Welfare

    In this scorching summer, our Hengjian Optoelectronics Union also showed great affection for the employees and sent them cool popsicles. Let’s take a look at the report from the front line. Our labor union’s cool activities started on July 1, and every day at 14:00 when the hottest time, we...
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  • Double Ninth Festival to send warmth

    Double Ninth Festival to send warmth

    Year after year, in this special year, as always, we came to the nursing home in East Butou, Zhangqi Town. This is the fifth year we came to the nursing home. In these 5 years, we have never forgotten our original intention,bringing a little warmth to the grandparents in...
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  • Birthday benefits

    Birthday benefits

    In the warm spring season, we ushered in the once-a-year birthday benefit. With the careful preparation of Hengjian Company, every employee received an exquisite birthday gift. First of all, we wrote blessings for the birthday stars on the exquisite greeting cards. We be...
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