LED Market cap for 2021 years

Benefited from the rapid growth in demand for human lighting, smart lighting, plant lighting and special lighting (such as nuclear power plant lighting, pharmaceuticals, metal processing industry lighting), major lighting-level LED packaging manufacturers include Samsung LED (Samsung LED) and ams semiconductor With OSRAM (ams / OSRAM), CREE LED, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor (Seoul Semiconductor), MLS (MLS), Tiandian (Lightning), etc., revenue has grown substantially since the first quarter, and the growth momentum is expected to continue to the first quarter. The second season.



This wave of LED packaging products has increased categories, including indoor low- and medium-power lighting LED products (less than 1 watt, excluding 1 watt) for home and commercial use, such as 2835 LED, 3030 LED and 5630 LED, with a quarterly increase of 0.3~ 2.3%, and outdoor high-power lighting LED products (above 1 watt) for outdoor and industrial use, such as ceramic substrate LEDs and 7070 LEDs, rose 1.3 to 1.8% quarterly.

LED lighting market demand is strong, manufacturers rush to promote new products after the epidemic to consolidate their own market share

Looking at this wave of price increases from the perspective of the supply chain, due to the impact of the epidemic last year that caused the chips and related metal raw materials to rise, some lighting LED manufacturers are facing the pressure of upstream price increases, and they have increased their previous sales of low-priced lighting LED products. In order to maintain profit fundamentals.

On the whole, despite pressures such as rising prices of upstream raw materials, lighting LED manufacturers are still actively improving product performance, including luminous efficacy and color saturation, and successively launching related products that meet the new needs of the post-epidemic market to consolidate their own market share. And competitiveness, such as OSRAM and Lumileds launched lighting LED products created by the architectural atmosphere, and CREE LED products suitable for indoor planting and plant factories.

Post time: Jan-21-2022