LED flood light developing history

With the maturity of LED lighting technology and the improvement of supporting drive solutions, more and more customers have begun to use LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, and LED lighting has also been widely used in more occasions.

As an important urban infrastructure, lighting occupies an increasingly important position in the future development of the city. Urban road lighting, urban landscape lighting, urban lighting lighting, etc. will become new features that highlight urban cultural characteristics and highlight urban charm. business card.

In terms of urban road lighting, LED lighting technology can take advantage of its high controllability and high stability to serve it, select the appropriate color temperature and light distribution method according to the current environmental conditions, improve the lighting effect of urban roads at night, and meet the psychological needs of pedestrians. , To achieve humanized lighting.

Urban landscape lighting mainly focuses on the lighting of characteristic landscapes such as parks and landmark buildings in the city. The controllability of LED lighting and the diversity of colors are used to achieve multi-mode and multi-effect key lighting methods, and use landscape lighting to improve The cultural characteristics of the city.

Urban lighting lighting mainly aims at night lighting of urban buildings. The night lighting of buildings enhances the overall lighting effect of the city, enhances the humanistic characteristics of the city, and highlights the cultural heritage and urban development of the city.

In the future, the pace of urban LED lighting will go faster and faster, and new requirements have been put forward for lighting companies, requiring LED lighting companies not to be limited to only one aspect of research and development, and to comprehensively consider the overall urban lighting design plan to achieve urban LEDs. The overall design, manufacture, and installation of lighting lighting can be serviced through one-stop service, so that LED lighting technology can better serve the city.

Post time: May-30-2022