How to do valuable floodlight lighting

With the rapid development of social economy, the public consumption trend is diversified and differentiated, and the demand for high-quality lighting environment for users is a trend.  Floodlight has to do added value, artistic.  Good lighting products should be more expensive.  Otherwise, how can the lamp manufacturer support r&d design, marketing, service support, and even craftsmanship?  From the perspective of market rules, the situation of price war will not exist for a long time, and the market competition will return to the competition of products and services.

At present, the whole industry chain is still very scattered, and it is difficult to change for a long time. From the objective factors of this industry, it is very challenging to get a good product with absolute leading edge.  For those who want to do a good job with their products, it is difficult to find a partner who is very specialized in each link.  Industry to develop well, need to have ingenuity lamp business, need fine differentiation, specialization.

Lamp vendors should be aware that for the product planning of enterprises, users’ suggestions are often ineffective or meaningless.  To return to the social and commercial nature of lighting and the value of environmental space needs, to find and insight into the user’s most painful (need) that point.  For example, if there are ten pain points, dig deeply at the most painful point, and leave the other nine points alone.  Do this one point to the extreme, your product is explosive, do not try to meet all the pain points of the user.  The current LED floodlight decoration industry needs to have a number of such calm gas, attentively do the product workshop.

Generally speaking, from the domestic social situation and the traditional consciousness of the people, well-known and small and medium-sized manufacturers need to have reference objects.  It is not recommended to “tao brand” and “platform brand” when the object, it is easy to fall into the mistake of price war.  As a functional lamp supplier, you can know more about German and Japanese brands, such as foreign ERCO, DECO, BEGA, ENDO, iGuzzini and domestic Teteng, WAC, Seton, Shengya, etc.  The lamp business that does adornment sex lamps and lanterns, can understand Italy, Spain more, wait like FLOS of abroad, Artemide, REGGIANI and the gold da of home, nuke;  Do the whole category, Philips, Op, Reishi, and so on are a good example.  The above are just examples. There are many excellent companies in the industry to learn from and respect.

I have been reluctant to comment on details such as style, workmanship, quality and price of a certain floodlight of a specific brand.  The importance of lighting to the public is well known, as a qualified light merchant, to do value products, the minimum social responsibility is to have.  In order to jerry-cut, electrical safety hidden trouble, lamps and lanterns life and power unqualified, to exchange for the so-called “cost performance”, “inexpensive”, its is a ridiculous false proposition.

Post time: Feb-26-2022