Faithfull LED square bracket work light

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This is a square bracket work lamp, novel style, unique appearance, loved by modern people; This work light is small and lovely, easy to store and easy to carry out.

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Product selling point:

1.The work light can be paired with many types of support, this work lamp is paired with a square support.Bracket is metallic material pledges, have firm characteristic, can not be damaged easily, raised the use time of working light.

2.Replace traditional halogen bulbs for brighter, lower heat and electricity costs.  High efficiency SMD light holder can provide long lasting super bright light, can meet your long lasting sunshine requirements.

3.Extremely flexible: the square bracket can be adjusted at will to rotate 360 degrees up and down, which is convenient for storage when not in use and saves space for placement.  Highly flexible, can be used in any environment, the light can be rotated 360 degrees up and down, the irradiation range can be arbitrarily changed according to actual needs.

4.Outdoor work lights are light and save space.With a portable handle design, you can take it to your garage, backyard, workshop, warehouse, shed, studio or anywhere you need a light.


Product Feature:

  1. IP65 Waterproof Rating:

Good waterproof performance, IP65 certification,The waterproof design allows the work lamp to be used in all weather conditions can work in rain, snow, hot or cold environment, ideal for outdoor use, a wide range of applications

  1. Widely Used:

This waterproof work light can be used for camping, fishing, outskirts travel, emergency car repairing.Ultra bright lighting can also be applied in workshops, construction sites, docks and other places where lighting is needed.

  1. Quality Guarantee:

We offer the 2-year warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We pursue high quality products and energy saving products, and always abide by the promise.Please trust us.

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