Double LED working floodlight with tripod

Short Description:

This is a high wattage work light, suitable for large scenes, such as stadium, warehouse, football field, etc.;  And in a tripod collocation of two floodlights, expanded the illumination range, wider application range.

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Why are worklight and matching tripods ideal for lighting?

√ The benefits of using LED floodlights instead of traditional halogen lamps are not only brighter lighting, but also lower lighting bills. They also do not heat up your working environment when turned on for long periods of time, and do not require replacement of the bulbs.

√ It can be matched with double head, realize high lumen free switch, to provide you with more lighting options.

√ Easy to install, easy to carry, you just need to fix the lamp, adjust the Angle you like, can meet most of your lighting requirements.

√ Generous design, simple color match, the use of pollution-free and radiation-free high-quality materials, completely to meet your high taste.

Product Feature:

1.SPECSThe dual-end multi-directional LED work light is made of durable die-cast aluminum for robustness and reliability.  The sturdy tripod stand is easy to set and fold, and the light can be adjusted left, right, up and down at will.  Enjoy 200W light, high efficiency lighting.  Ideal for all outdoor uses, especially workplaces and construction sites.

2.VersatileYou can adjust the tripod to any height below that. Detach the heads from the tripod stand and carry it around, or place it on another surface for more direct light. Stand easily folds up for when you’re not using it.

3.LIGHTING OPTIONS: Light your space, your way. Both lights can be turned on/off individually, and rotated to face different directions at once. Light two different areas at once by adjusting the heads, and detach the dual-head to put the light where you need it.

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