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Classic Series Flood Light (5)
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Classic backpack type floodlight with various shell styles. High quality precision aerospace aluminum production. Execellent corrosion resistance and anti cracking. Not easy to fade, great heat dissipation. Made of high strengthen transparent tempered glass, light transmittance as high as 98%, not easy to break light is bright and uniform. Strong convective air design, more chips heat dissipation. A integrated lamp body, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, cracking resistance, waterprood design.
Mainly applicable to: indoor local lighting, landscape lighting, billboard lighting, the garage, special facilities lighting like medical culture, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment lighting and so on.

Specification Optical Parameters:
1.Color temperature: Standard color temperature range 2800-7000K, including the needs of warm light and cold light is useful.

2.Bean Angel: 120°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your larger area environment. A 180°adjustable metal bracket makes the light more stable and flexible.

3.Using life time: more then 30000H


Electrical Parameters:
1.Input voltage: 100-240V
2.Rated power:10w/20w/30w/50w/80W/100w (Need higher power can be inquiry at any time)
3.Luminous flux: 75LM/W

Function Parameters:
1.Common model for normal use
2.RGB flood light series
3.Floodlight with PIR sensor
4.Have different appearance design


1.Long service life and easy installation: trough radiator increases air contact area, accelerates heat dissipation and prolongs the service life of lamps and lanterns. Outdoor working lights can be installed on the wall, ceiling or ground, the support is strong and adjustable. And can be installed at home, simple and easy to operate.
2.Protection & Save energying: This series IP65 exterior led flood lights, saving over 85% on your electricity bill.
3.Easy Intsllation & Warranty:Flexible enough and easy install with the 180° adjustable metal bracket for Ceiling-mount, Wall-mount and Ground-mount. And we have 2 Years Warranty.

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