50w high quality outdoor led flood light

Short Description:

The flood light can be combined with all kinds of brackets into a simple and portable work lamp. Bracket can be divided into different structures and designs. Like tripod and folding bracket and Square brackets.This is the matching tripod.

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Specification Optical Parameters:

  1. Color temperature: Standard color temperature range 3000-6500K, meet the needs of warm light and cold light is fine.
  2. Bean Angel: 110°beam angle, shadow-free and anti-glare, providing efficient lighting for your larger area environment. A adjustable metal bracket makes the light more stable.
  3. Source life: more then 30000H

Electrical Parameters:

  1. Input voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ
  2. Rated power:50w
  3. Luminous flux: 85LM/W

Structural Parameters:

  1. Base material: die-casting aluminum and Tempered glass
  2. 360°rotated


1.Replace your halogen lamp:10000LM LED work light brightness is more than 1000W halogen lamp , and which can save 80% of electricity cost, Die-cast aluminum with efficient cooling structure, which not only ensures the durability of LED and driver, but also ensures the safety of your long-term work and cool.

2.Extremely flexible:The retractable tripod can be extended to 1.5M high. The detachable handle is fixed by a snap-on bracket. The flexible height ensures that it can be used in any environment.

3.Durability of all-metal bracket:made of high-strength imported stainless steel, making it sturdy, stable and not shaking, professional orange paint coating, multiple durable protection, making the led waork light not only suitable for construction site lighting, but also suitable for outdoor camping And emergency lighting.

4.IP65 waterproof led floodlight:closed waterproof die-cast aluminum housing, impact-resistant glass lens, hard floodlight quality.

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