50-100W Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights

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Now the human world is becoming more and more inseparable from lighting, the use of floodlight is more and more frequent, the scope of application is more and more wide.

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Specification Optical Parameters:

1.Color temperature: Standard color temperature range around 3000-6500K, can meet the needs of warm light and cold light is fine.

2.Bean Angel: 120°beam angle

3.Working temperature: -20℃~+50

Electrical Parameters:

1.Input voltage: 220-240V, 50HZ

2.Rated power:50w/80w/100w (If need higher power can be inquiry at any time)

3.Luminous flux: 85LM/W

Structural Parameters:

1.Base material: Corrosion resistant die cast aluminium housing with tempered glass.

2.Cable length: 15CM


1.Strong, state-of-the-art aluminium casing, particularly flat design will be looks fine.

2.Adjustable mounting bracket for easy mounting

3.Compared with the incandescent lamp, the energy saving of floodlight is about 75%, and the recovery rate is more than 99%.Its light shell material is high pressure die-casting aluminum alloy, has the characteristics of green environmental protection, reduce pollution to the environment, in line with the green development road.

4.Suitable for residential and commercial outdoor security lighting including driveways, gardens, patios, entrance and walkways. Also can be installed at a garage door, on a fence or on a front door to light an entrance. Ideal for the automatic of lighting entrance areas, driveways or burglary and theft deterrence.

5.IP65 Waterproof RatingGood waterproof performance, IP65 certification, can work in rain, snow, hot or cold environment, ideal for outdoor use, a wide range of applications.

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