4000ML double head working light

Short Description:

Recently, the market demand for work lights has become more and more inquiries and conversions. Therefore, the design of the newly designed work lights is also endless.Our company Hengjian has also conducted in-depth discussions on the opening of work lights, and successfully designed a very attractive work light with double head series

Product Detail

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Product selling point

1.with handle , and then we can use this work light to where we can go.

2.This is a series of work light that with rechargeable light, that we can take it easy to outside area.

3.with adjustable panel,that we can adjustable beam angle by ourselves.


Product Feature:

1.IP54 Waterproof Rating:

Good waterproof performance, IP65 certification, can work in rain, snow, hot or cold environment, ideal for outdoor use, a wide range of applications

2.four gears adjustment function:

100%50%25%Off,With four gears adjustment function, you can choose the appropriate degree of light and shade according to your actual needs

3.Quality Guarantee:

We offer the 2-year warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We pursue high quality products and energy saving products, and always abide by the promise.Please trust us.

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