Super practical metal tripod work light

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It is very common to combine the floodlight with the tripod, which greatly expands the scope of the application scene of the floodlight. Besides, the tripod has the characteristics of solid and stable, which makes the floodlight stay still when in use and the uniformdistribution of the light makes the work more convenient.

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1.High light efficiency:The light source is SMD and features high light efficiency. You can use separate on/off control at the back of the floodlight holder to get the brightness you need according to your actual lighting needs.

2.Versatile:Easy and quick installation, without any tools to adjust the work light, just manually rotate the lock knob or rotate the lock collar can be, you can retractable tripod, the tripod adjust to any height;When not in use, it can be easily folded, easy to carry and store.This light is suitable for all outdoor uses, especially workplaces and construction sites.

3.Durability of all-metal bracket:Made of high-strength imported stainless steel, the tripod is durable, stable and does not shake. Professional orange paint coating and multiple durable protection make the LED work light suitable not only for construction site lighting, but also for outdoor camping and emergency lighting.

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